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Our psychology team welcomes A-level students to attend our annual taster day which concentrates on human language and communication. 

Topics which have been covered previously include:

What is the relationship between human language and emotions? 

We will look at the different techniques that can be used to examine how people detect emotional meanings of words. Such research can also help us to understand the way emotional meanings are recognised in different languages. There will also be an opportunity to take part in an experiment and see how your own results relate to previous research findings.

How can language affect the brain? 

We will look at how bilingualism may have consequences for cognition such as in the control of attentional resources and IQ. We will also consider why research into bilingualism is important in our multicultural society including looking at research on stroke patients. The students will have an opportunity to learn about research techniques and questionnaires used to assess bilingualism and cognition.


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