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Nanchang programme

Nanchang University (NCU) established its  medical programme in 1921 and has strong links to two major research-oriented teaching hospitals in Nanchang. The hospitals have significant budgets for research, a large population base, a broad range of clinical specialties and modern research facilities. Both hospitals are keen to develop links with QMUL in clinical and research areas.

Nanchang University's Qian-Hu campus

The drive of the university and hospitals is to excel in research and this has led to the recent recruitment of several principal investigators from America and Canada. NCU plan to continue investing into new staff. 

NCU have recognised that their current medical programme is traditional and is not producing adequate numbers of researchers and clinical academics. To address this NCU and Queen Mary have launched a joint programme with a strong emphasis on biomedical sciences i.e. basic research relevant to medical research and health specialisms.

Graduates of this programme will take up employment opportunities in scientific research or clinical academic medicine. These are both areas where job prospects and pay prospects are good in China. 

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The Co-Director of the Nanchang programme at Queen Mary is Professor Peter Heathcote.

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