The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Stephen Goldup

Dr Stephen Goldup
Senior Lecturer

Location: Room 1.03, Joseph Priestley building
Phone: +44 (0)20 7882 8446

Research interests:

As scientists skilled in the art of constructing molecules accurately and elegantly, organic chemists are ideally placed to help answer the challenge issued by Richard Feynman when he said that there's "plenty of room at the bottom." By designing and studying molecular machines it is hoped that mankind can take advantage of such devices to carry out tasks that are either difficult or impossible to achieve in other ways. In this we are taking our cue from Nature: natural molecular machines carry out most of the work of life from the very simple such as enzymes which switch on and off in response to external stimuli to molecular motors which move whole bacteria.

In our group we carry out research aimed at producing synthetic molecular machines with a view to applying them to the synthesis of complex molecules and materials which are inaccessible by other means. More generally we carry out fundamental investigations of the properties of reactions and interactions (including electronic, photochemical and magnetic interactions) confined to the restricted dimensions of interlocked architectures. Such devices have implications for molecular photonics, photosynthetic, electronic, magnetic, multiferroic and other smart materials.

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