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Miaomiao Xue


PhD student



Project title: Organic Thermoelectric Materials and Their Dopants 

Summary: Energy security and efficiency are two of the most pressing questions many countries must face to sustain and propel their economic development in the future, especially with the unforeseeable consequences of climate change looming at the horizon. One technology particularly well suited for the recovery of low temperature (<200°C) waste heat are organic thermoelectric generators (OTEG). In contrast to current thermoelectric generators which are brittle and based on rare and often toxic material alloys, organic materials allow the fabrication of lightweight, large area conformal OTEG devices. On the other hand, doping plays a key role in organic thermoelectrics because it allows to enhance the materials conductivity, thus increasing the overall device performance. Therefore, we will aim to design and synthesize organic thermoelectric materials, which hold high electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity, as well as new air stable and potent dopants.


  • Dr Bob Schroeder



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