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Professor Matthew Evans
Professor of Ecology and Head of School

Location: Room 1.06a, Fogg Building
Phone: +44 (0)20 7882 8882

I have wide research interests in behaviour, ecology and conservation. My main interest at present is how we will predict the effects of environmental change on the natural world.

What makes climate change one of the 21st century’s priority issues is its impact, rather than any direct change in climate. There is an urgent need to predict the nature and scale of these impacts on the biological world and currently we do not have the tools and approaches to undertake this task.

My behavioural research included some of the earliest experiments in mate choice and male-male competition and we still conduct experiments on various bird species around the world. I am also taking a genomic approach to adaptation in zebra finches, and have a variety of conservation projects that have included the biogeography of chameleons in East Africa, the impact of cats of small mammal and bird populations and the ecology of the sugarbird in the Cape Province of South Africa.

My work takes me to field sites in Kenya, South Africa, the USA and Brazil as well as to many parts of the UK.

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