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Luigi Baciadonna


PhD Student

Room Number: Room 2.16, Fogg Building



Project Title: Using vocalisations to access affective states and cognition in goats

Summary: Non-human animals have emotions, however the accurate assessment of their subjective emotional states is highly controversial and challenging.

The aim of my research is to investigate the expression of emotions in animals using a multimodal approach, which combines the assessment of cognitive, behavioural and physiological measures. In particular, I will record and analyse vocal signals, physiological parameters (heart rate, respiration rate) and behaviours emitted in response to emotionally-salient situations.

A secondary aim of my research is to investigate how emotions interact with cognitions to affect the perception of relevant stimuli.

The study of these topics can contribute to the understanding of the evolutionary meaning and development of human emotions, but also improve and promote good welfare practice in animals.


  • Dr Alan McElligott


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