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Ludan Zhang


PhD student



Project title: Metallic Ceramics Based Nanocomposites as Alternative Electro-Catalysts in HER and ORR Processes

Project summary: Nowadays electrochemical water-splitting is an environmentally responsible, carbon-free alternative approach to produce hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel generated by electrochemical water splitting also represents one of the most attractive chemical methods for renewable energy storage.

Fuel cells are a class of devices used for the conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy. In recent years they have drawn a considerable amount of interest from both the scientific community and the industry as a result of the depleting natural fossil fuel reserves and increasing environmental awareness.

For above systems, central to the ongoing research efforts is the realization of efficient electro-catalysts. Platinum-based catalysts and noble metal oxides (e.g. IrO2, RuO2) are believed to be the most efficient electro-catalysts. However, their high costs limit the large-scale commercial application. Fortunately, Transition metal carbides (MC) and nitrides(MN) such as Mo2C, MoC, Mo2N, WC, W2C, WN have great potential to act as excellent catalysts, especially when together with active support, the performance can be improved greatly. Our goal is to design the size, structure, composition of the composites to facilitate the electro-catalytic application.




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