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Dr Lilia Milanesi


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 5902
Room Number: Room 1.08, Joseph Priestley Building

Undergraduate Teaching


Research Interests:

Dr Milanesi's main research interests are:

  1. The behaviour of folded and unfolded proteins in or near lipid environments;
  2. Small molecules that self-assemble in water into fibrils in response to specific stimuli (multi-responsive hydrogels).

    Within these two themes:
  • She is interested in membrane anchored proteins, specifically the self-assembly of these proteins within lipid membranes in response to binding events or changes in the lipid environment. She focuses on cell adhesion and prion proteins as examples of membrane anchored proteins that exert their biological or pathological activity via self-assembly within the lipid bilayer. In the long term she intends to design small molecules that can modulate in-membrane self-assembly processes.
  • She is interested in developing strategies for the preparation of low molecular weight hydrogelators tailored for applications in regenerative medicine

Her approach is to use synthetic strategies to prepare novel small molecules and add new functionalities to proteins. These proteins are then used to build up simplify model systems for the in vitro study of important biological processes that are too complex to be studied in vivo. Likewise, novel compounds are synthetized to prepare molecular assemblies with some of the properties typical of the more complex assemblies found in nature.
Minimal systems are prepared using synthetic chemistry, over expression of proteins via DNA-recombinant technology, and liposomes via extrusions. They are characterised by UV/Vis, fluorescence and NMR spectroscopy, circular dichroism and electron microscopy.

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