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Jingyuan Zhu


PhD student





Research Interests:

My research focuses on the fabrication of molecular electronics based on self-assembly DNA-wrapped Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes. Molecular electronics have drawn a lot of attention from the physicists and semiconductor engineers due to its great potential based on its excellent electrical characteristics and nanometer level size. Different approaches to fabricate the molecular devices have been designed and tested since the invention in 1958.

In this project, work will mainly take place on the fabrication of molecular electronics. The device will be manufactured by e-beam lithography, shadow lithography, and AFM-based nano-pattern print. Meanwhile, the other part would be tunneling different molecules between the electrodes to make the molecular junction: the devices will respond to environmental changes based on the functional groups in the molecules, i.e. via the transduction of chemical and biological stimuli into electrical signals. The core idea for this project is the DNA-assisted dispersion and separation of carbon Nanotubes.

The nanostructures will be then characterized via Scanning Probe Microscopy (AFM-based) and electron Microscopy (SEM/TEM). Conductance of the molecular electronics will be measured by applying four point measuring method and conductive AFM.

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