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Gemma Worswick
PhD student



Project Title: Resources for the development of ash trees resistant to ask dieback

Summary: To provide resources (germplasm, genetic knowledge, and propagation methods) to accelerate the selection and production of ash trees resistant to Chalara fraxinea, a novel pathogen which threatens to devastate up to 90% of Europe's ash population.


  1. Sample genetic variability of Irish populations of common ash (Fraxinus excelsior) and compare to the variability of UK and other European populations; 
  2. Apply genetic knowledge and infection data (gathered from European trials) to predict variation among Irish F. excelsior genotypes in susceptibility to ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea); 
  3. Develop protocols for for the rapid vegetative propagation and recombination of selected resistant/low susceptibility Irish F. excelsior genotypes; 
  4. Conduct an inventory of Ireland's foreign ash species resource (ITS markers will be applied to confirm species identity) with a focus on ash species resistant/tolerant to ash dieback; 
  5. Develop techniques for inter species hybridisation of Irish F. excelsior genotypes with resistant/tolerant foreign ash species.


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