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David Bode


PhD student




Project Title: Fundamentals of Alzheimer’s Disease: Probing Amyloid-β Peptide (Aβ) Toxicity

Summary: My interests lie in the neurodegenerative mechanism of amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) toxicity in Alzheimer’s disease. This protein is capable of polymerising into a number of aggregated subsets whereby monomers are known to associate into oligomers, protofibres and fibres. A wide body of research has confirmed oligomeric Aβ to be the major toxic component of Alzheimer’s with the capacity to promote cellular dysfunction and death through a number of pathways.

A route of toxicity is via disruptive interactions between Aβ and various cell membrane components. My PhD hopes to shed light on the mode of membrane disruption by combining biophysical membrane analysis with the electrophysiological study of living systems using artificial membranes and cell culture. Therapeutic opportunities may therefore be uncovered to enhance our potential in managing Alzheimer’s related cognitive decline. 



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