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Dr Andrew Hirst


Reader in Marine Biology

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 6973
Room Number: Room 6.17, Fogg building


Research Interests:

To date much of my scientific effort has addressed pelagic ecosystems, not simply because these environments have such a profound impact on humankind and the biosphere, but because these can provide fundamental insight into biological questions.

I have worked to improve how we quantify the role of zooplankton and its change, but also to answer broader science questions, using plankton and nekton to test wide-ranging ideas and hypotheses. My abiding interest is in rule-based and comparative perspectives, from whole organism physiology, demography and life-cycle, through to ecosystem and food web structure and function.

I have experience in a range of issues: global analyses of vital rates and life-history processes, for example addressing issues of body mass scaling and temperature; correcting physiological methods and their conceptual improvements; and the study of ecosystem change.

I combine macroecological approaches with field and experimental work to drive understanding. More recently I have been building upon my physiological and life-cycle work to develop better (and mechanistic) appreciations of the structure and dynamics of marine ecosystems, including predicting the impacts of a changing climate. I have several PhD students who I am working with on these issues.

I am an Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Ocean Life, Danish Technical University, Copenhagen.

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