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Alan McElligott

Dr Alan McElligott
Senior Lecturer

Location: Room 2.38, Fogg Building
Phone: +44 (0)20 7882 6682

Research interests:

Main research areas: animal behaviour and cognition, animal welfare, sexual selection, vocal communication (ungulates).

My group is focussed on communication and cognition research, using goats, cattle and fallow deer.

Our work on mother-offspring vocal recognition suggests that it may vary according to whether species are hiders or followers. See Torriani et al. 2006 American Naturalist (fallow deer), and Briefer and McElligott 2011 Animal Cognition (goats; links in publications list). Additional comparative research is being conducted with cattle.

Other goat research includes: cognitive bias, long-term vocal recognition, social learning and individual temperament.

Male fallow deer (bucks) broadcast information on identity, body size and dominance status to both females and other males, through their investment in vocal display. This affects their reproductive success. See publications list.

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