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Occasional Papers

Occasional Paper No 9 April 2017
Robert Burns Woodward in his Own Words by Dr Peter J.T. Morris
(The Sixth Wheeler Lecture, Royal Institution, 17 May 2013)
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Occasional Paper No 8 November 2016
‘the first example ... of an extensive scheme of pure scientific medical investigation’: Thomas Beddoes and the Medical Pneumatic Institution in Bristol, 1794 to 1799 by Frank A.J.L. James
(The Eighth Wheeler Lecture, Royal Institution, 12 October 2015)
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Occasional Paper No 7 April 2015
Nitrogen, Novel High-Pressure Chemistry, and the German War Effort (1900-1918) by Anthony S. Travis
(The Seventh Wheeler Lecture, Burlington House, 22 October, 2014)
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Occasional Paper No 6 August 2009
Frankland — the First Organometallic Chemist by Colin A. Russell
(The Fifth Wheeler Lecture, Burlington House, 20 March, 2009)
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Occasional Paper No 5 August 2007
Radient Spectroscopy. The Rare Earth Crusade by W.H. Brock
(The Fourth Wheeler Lecture, Burlington House, 22 March, 2007)

Occasional Paper No 4 August 2007
Davy and the placing of potassium among the elemant by David Knight
(The Third Wheeler Lecture, Burlington House, 22 March, 2007)

Boerhaave to Black: The Evolution of Chemistry Teaching by Robert Anderson
(The Second Wheeler Lecture, Leiden April 2004)
Published in Ambix 2006, 53, 237-254

Occasional Paper No 3 February 2003
Long Delayed Dream: Frederick Abel and Smokeless Powder by Seymour H. Mauskopf
(The First Wheeler Lecture Waltham Abbey, November 8, 2002)

Occasional Paper No 2 June 2000
Chemie to Chemistry at Edinburgh by R.G.W. Anderson

Occasional Paper No 1 July 1997
An Interview with Prof. Harry Julius Emeléus (1903-1993) by Mary Archer