Guidelines for Contributors to the Royal Society of Chemistry Historical Group Newsletter

Please send contributions to as an attachment in MS Word or rich text format or on CD-Rom (post to Epsom Lodge, La Grande Route de St Jean, St John, Jersey, JE3 4FL). It is the author's responsibility to clear all copyright issues before submitting contributions to the RSCHG newsletter.

Short Essays and Historical Reminiscences

Word Length: Articles should not exceed 2,500 words except in exceptional circumstances. Shorter articles are very welcome.

References: Please list references at the end of the article. Do not use formatted footnotes or endnotes. Use square brackets for footnote numbers in the text [1] not superscripts.

For example:

1. W.H. Brock, The Fontana History of Chemistry (London: Fontana, 1992).
2. Noel G. Coley, "Forensic Chemistry in 19th Century Britain", Endeavour, 1998, 22, 143-147.
3. Peter J.T. Morris, "The Eighteenth Century: Chemistry Allied to Anatomy", in Chemistry at Oxford: A History from 1600 to 2005, eds. Robert J.P. Williams, John S. Rowlinson and Allan Chapman (Cambridge: RSC, 2009), 52-78.

Standard journal abbreviations (J. Chem. Soc., Brit. J. Hist. Sci., Chem. Brit.) should be used and ODNB, DSB, OED used for standard biographical works.

For a list of current scientific journal abbreviations see:

Illustrations: Please email images as separate files, with typically a maximum of four images per article. Colour images are very welcome but will only be reproduced in colour in the online version of the newsletter. All images in the hard copy newsletter will be in black and white and reproduction quality is dependent on the quality of the original image. It is the contributor's responsibility to obtain written permission for the use of any images reproduced from previously published sources or where copyright is owned by a third party. If no digital image is available please contact the editor.

Book Reviews

Word Length: approximately 500 words.

Please give full publication details at the beginning of the review.

Please contact the editor Dr Anna Simmons at if you have any queries.

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