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Organismal Biology and Biological and Experimental Psychology Seminar Series

All seminars take place on Thursdays 1pm - 2pm in the Fogg Lecture Theatre, G.E. Fogg Building. All welcome.

Seminar coordinator: Dr Axel Rossberg


Date Speaker Title
Thurs 28 September Dr Seirian Summer (University of Bristol) Title TBC

Talk will cover: social evolution and social behaviour

Thurs 5 October Prof Jonathan Higgins (University of Newcastle) Functions of chromatin modifications during cell division
Thurs 12 October Prof Gaspar Jekely (University of Exeter) Title TBC

Talk will cover: neurobiology of marine zooplankton

Thurs 19 October Prof Vojtech Novotny (Czech Academy of Sciences) Title TBC

Talk will cover: community ecology

Thurs 26 October Dr Isabelle Mareschal (QMUL) Eye movements reveal person characteristics
Thurs 2 November Prof Vincent Jansen (Royal Holloway) Title TBC

Talk will cover: Mathematical modelling in biology

Thurs 16 November Prof Manuela Barreto (University of Exeter) Title TBC

Talk will cover: Impact of prejudice and discrimination on its targets, on perpetrators, and on interactions between the two

Thurs 23 November Prof Jane Hill (University of York) Title TBC 

Talk will cover: Effects of habitat degradation and climate change on biodiversity

Thurs 30 November Prof Marmine Pariante (King's College London) Depression and inflammation: a revolution in biological psychiatry
Thurs 7 December Dr Arkhat Abzhanov (Imperial College) Title TBC

Talk will cover: evoutionary developmental biology

Thurs 14 December Dr Stewart Plaistow (University of Liverpool) Title TBC

Evolution, ecology and behaviour: phenotypic plasticity

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