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Chemistry and Biochemistry and Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar Series

Seminars take place Fridays, 12.30pm - 1.30pm in the Law Building, Room 2.10, apart from the Dewar Lecture taking place in the G.O. Jones Building Lecture Theatre on Wednesday 21 February and the RSC Homogeneous Catalysis Award Lecture taking place on Friday 4 May which takes in The People's Palace Lecture Theatre. All seminars and lectures are open to all.

Seminar coordinator: Dr Christopher Jones


Date Speaker Title
Fri 12 January Rebecca Melen (Cardiff University)

BCF and Beyond: Modern Advances in Borylation Chemistry and Boron Catalysis

Fri 19 January Michael Greaney (University of Manchester) (tba)
Fri 26 January Wei-Feng Xue

The cytotoxic and infective potential of amyloid protein structures

Fri 2 February Carmen Galan (University of Bristol)

Synthetic Tools for Glycoscience: The Sweet Side of Catalysis

Fri 9 February Vera Krewald (University of Bath)

Progress in understanding dinitrogen photocleavage

Fri 16 February Peter-Leon Hagedoorn (Delft University of Technology) 

Pre steady-state kinetics of redox metalloenzymes using ultrafast mixing techniques

Wed 21 February Varinder Arrgawal

The Dewar Lecture

Assembly Line Synthesis

Fri 23 February John Fossey (University of Birmingham) Another "Click" Talk
Fri 9 March Jennifer Potts (University of York)

Repetitive proteins on the surface of bacterial pathogens; exploring the link between structure and function

Fri 16 March Peter Portius (Univeristy of Sheffield) Nitrogen-rich compounds of p-block elements
Fri 23 March Roberta Croce (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Molecular switches in the thylakoid membrane
Fri 4 May Syuzanna Harutyunyan (University of Groningen)

RSC Homogeneous Catalysis Award Lecture

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