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Molecular genetics labs

The Molecular Genetics Labs at Queen Mary University of London were established in 2015 thanks to generosity of the Wolfson Foundation. We aim to provide an extensive range of techniques, equipment and expertise for those working in genomics.


The Molecular Genetics Labs are located in rooms 5.07 and 5.15 on the 5th floor of Fogg Building.


Please contact Lab Manager Monika Struebig if you need advice or are interested in using our equipment on +44(0)20 7882 3608 or via email.

Selected techniques used

  • Nucleic acid extraction from a wide variety of samples.
  • Nucleic acid quantification and quality assessments using selection of platforms.
  • PCR amplification for selected regions, including STRs (microsatellite).
  • Next Generation Sequencing library preparations for Illumina, e.g. transcriptome, whole genome, custom capture, amplicon.
  • High Molecular Weight DNA extraction and optical mapping using Irys (BioNano Genomics).

Selected equipment

Qubit fluorometer – for accurate nucleic acid quantitation.

Agilent Bioanalyser – for detailed nucleic acid size and quality checks.

Agilent TapeStation – for High Molecular Weight DNA assessment with quantitative integrity parameter.

Covaris M220 – for nucleic acid/ chromatin fragmentation using focused sonication (AFA: Adaptive Focused Acoustics™).

Sage Blue Pippin – for gel-based, automated size selection of DNA fragments 90bp – 50kb.

Sage Elf – for electrophoretic sample fractionation, allowing construction of DNA libraries with multiple insert sizes.

Irys (BioNano Genomics) – for optical mapping of High Molecular Weight DNA to resolve de novo sequence scaffolding and analysis of structural variation in complex genomes.

For Irys queries please contact Genomics Technician Phil Howard on +44(0)20 7882 3608 or via email.

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