Medium field liquid phase and solid state NMR

Medium NMR

The departmental NMR service has three NMR spectrometers, one 270MHz JEOL and two Bruker 400MHz spectrometers. We offer an external high-resolution (solution-state) NMR service. Solid-state NMR can also be provided by special request. 

The full range of solution NMR experiments are offered at operating frequencies of 270 or 400MHz.  The 270 spectrometer is used for 1H NMR or stronger samples requiring heteronuclear acquisitions eg 13C or 31P etc. The 400MHz spectrometers provide routine 1- and 2D proton and carbon experiments, and also provide mid-field heteronuclear service and more advanced techniques.  Advice on experiment selection and data interpretation is also available. Please refer to our service level agreement [PDF 15 KB].    

More details and data downloads are available via the medium field NMR server.


There are a range of charges - for SBCS staff [PDF 40 KB], academic users [PDF 20 KB] other than SBCS staff and commercial users [PDF 36 KB].  


Please call 0207 882 3239 for further details.