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BSc Psychology (C800)

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  • Qualification: Bachelor of Science (Honours)
  • Length: 3 years
  • Institution code: Q50
  • Contact:
  • +44(0) 207 882 3096

We view psychology as a natural and experimental science and, building upon our expertise in animal behaviour and neuroscience, offer students an experimental and biological approach to studying the subject.

Our novel approach to the study of psychology is based on the simple observation that the brain, the seat of human and animal mind and behaviour, has evolved and knowledge of biological processes is required in order to understand the bigger picture.

Our programme is accredited by the British Psychological Society as conferring eligibility for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership.

Research and teaching

By choosing to study at a Russell Group university you will have access to excellent teaching and top class research.

Our psychology programme was awarded amongst the highest number of commendations from the British Psychological Society and external reviews of the Psychology group described our research and teaching as of the highest standard and containing high academic rigour.

You can find out more about our research interests on the biological and experimental psychology department page.

  • A-levels: Typically ABB or above at A2 level from three subjects, including at least one of Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Psychology
  • International Baccalaureate: 34 points overall including Higher Level grade 5 in at least one of Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Psychology
  • BTEC: We do not accept BTEC qualifications
  • Access to HE Diploma: We do not accept Access qualifications for this programme

Visit our frequently asked questions page for answers to our commonly received queries about entry requirements.

Non-UK students

Students from outside the United Kingdom must give evidence of their English language ability by producing an English language test score. The university provides guidelines for  English requirements for all degree programmes.

Foundation programme

Students may enter this degree programme via admission to the QMUL Science and Engineering Foundation Programme. Students must complete the foundation year and meet the required progression criteria.

Other qualifications

If you have qualifications which are not listed above please contact us to check your eligibility: 

Tel: +44(0) 207 882 3096 / +44(0) 207 882 7902


Year 1

Required modules

  • Essential skills for psychologists
  • Exploring psychology
  • Biology for psychologists
  • Research methods and statistics in psychology
  • Brain and behaviour

Optional modules

  • Language acquisition
  • Occupational psychology
  • Physiology

Year 2

Required modules

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Research methods and statistics in psychology II
  • Social psychology
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Explanations in psychology

Optional modules

  • Abnormal & clinical psychology
  • Health psychology
  • Language & mind
  • Evolutionary genetics

Year 3

Required module

  • Personality and individual differences

Optional modules

  • Extended essay in psychology
  • Psychology research project
  • Psychology of creativity
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Design for human interaction
  • Consciousness and causality
  • Mammals and evolution
  • Cognitive & affective neuroscience
  • Neuroscience: from molecules to behaviour
  • Evolution of the human mind
  • Animal cognition & behaviour

You can apply for this course on our BSc Psyhcology UCAS page.

All applications for undergraduate degree courses at Queen Mary, including those from mature students, should be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) at:

 For information about: 

  • The UCAS application process 
  • Applying to us through UCAS Extra 
  • Applications from international students 
  • Study abroad (incoming) applications 

Visit the College's application advice pages or email:

Employers specifically target Russell Group universities because of the calibre of these institutions' graduates and, as a result, nearly 90% of 2013 graduates from our School are employed or in further study.

Our graduates go on to work in a wide variety of careers: 

  • Some will pursue a career in clinical psychology, teaching, counselling or working within a laboratory. 
  • Some will continue with their studies and research and opt for postgraduate study at either Masters or PhD level. Recent graduates have opted for Masters in Forensic Psychology, Mental Health and Organisational Psychology.
  • Others will transfer the skills they have gained into sectors such as marketing, technology (psychologists have become increasingly in demand at big technology companies, including Google and Facebook, as these companies want to understand user behaviour in order to offer the best online experience) or finance.
My time at Queen Mary provided me with a fantastic base with which to go into a research-based PhD course. The opportunities for interaction with my tutors and lecturers supported my study and learning, and I really benefitted from their guidance and advice.
Susanna Roberts, Psychology student


I loved the teaching. My professors were at the top of their field but were friendly and approachable. I also really enjoyed the style of teaching. The programme offered me the opportunity to do what I love in a rigorous and scientific way.
Elli Kouremenou, BSc Psychology
The best thing about my course was the diverse range of modules I was able to choose from. The psychology course was very biological and evolutionary focused, something which you will rarely find anywhere else.

As a QMUL student I really enjoyed meeting a diverse group of individuals from all over the country and globe and the strong relationships that I have formed with those people. You are in one of the best cities in the world, so make the most of it! 
Dritan Sadiku, BSc Psyhcology

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