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Associate and Visiting PhD Students

Research studentships

The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences welcomes visiting and associate students world wide throughout the academic year.

SBCS Studentships

Studentships are available with the following newly appointed members of staff.

Dr Aimee Bright: The Psychology of Innovativeness and Creativity

Dr Devis Di Tommaso: In Silico Prediction of Crystal Polymorphism during Nucleation from Solution

Dr Christopher Duffy: Computational modelling of the molecular processes at the heart of adaptable natural light-harvesting

Dr Chris Jones: Agents for metal-free C-H bond functionalisation

Dr Matteo Palma: Nanoscale Devices for Molecular Electronics

Dr Michael Pluess: Genetics of Environmental Sensitivity

Dr Maxie Roessler: Using advanced spectroscopic techniques to understand a key proton translocation mechanism required for ATP synthesis in the respiratory chain

Psychology PhD Funding

Applications are now being accepted for PhD studentships within the ESRC Doctoral Training Centre, held jointly between Queen Mary and Goldsmiths, University of London.

10 studentships are available in total, and the Biological and Experimental Psychology Group within the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) can nominate up to two applicants to go forward to the final selection stage. Successful candidates will be notified by the middle of March. 

Further information including stipend information and eligibility criteria is available on the London Social Science website.


Dr Aimee Bright – Psychology of Creativity and Innovation: Development, Measurement and Application; Entrepreneurial Cognition and Decision-Making

Dr Caroline Brennan: Genetics of psychiatric disease-from identification of risk alleles to analysis of molecular and cellular mechanisms of action

Dr Tiina Eilola: Effects of bilingualism on cognition and emotions

Dr Nathan Emery: Evolution, development & psychology of creativity and innovation; representation of animals and their behaviour in infants and adults

Dr Janelle Jones: Social determinants of resilience, health and well-being

Dr Isabelle Mareschal: Visual psychophysics and social neuroscience

Dr Alan McElligott: Investigating attitudes toward animal sentience

Dr Magda Osman: Learning, decision making and problem solving in complex environments

Other Studentships

SBCS will be offering studentships under the aegis of some of the interdisciplinary institutions such as the Life Sciences Institute, Centre for Discrete Mathematics, Centre for Intelligent Sensing, Institute of Bioengineering and Materials Research Institute as well as the QM principal's studentships these will be advertised on this page in early December. 

Queen Mary Doctoral College

General information is available on the QM Doctoral College website.

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