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Accepted name: γ-glutamyl hydrolase

Reaction: Hydrolysis of a γ-glutamyl bond

Other names: conjugase; folate conjugase; lysosomal γ-glutamyl carboxypeptidase; γ-Glu-X carboxypeptidase; pteroyl-poly-γ-glutamate hydrolase; carboxypeptidase G; folic acid conjugase; poly(γ-glutamic acid) endohydrolase; polyglutamate hydrolase; poly(glutamic acid) hydrolase II; pteroylpoly-γ-glutamyl hydrolase

Comments: A lysosomal or secreted, thiol-dependent peptidase, most active at acidic pH. Commonly studied with folylpoly-γ-glutamate as substrate, with which the initial cleavage may release glutamate or poly-γ-glutamate of two or more residues, according to the species of origin of the enzyme. Final products are pteroyl-α-glutamate (folic acid) and free glutamate. Highly specific for the γ-glutamyl bond, but not for the C-terminal amino acid (leaving group). Action on γ-glutamyl bonds is independent of an N-terminal pteroyl moiety, but it is not known whether an N-terminal γ-Glu residue can be hydrolysed. Type example of peptidase family C26. Formerly EC

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[EC created 1972 as EC, transferred 1978 to EC, transferred 1992 to EC, modified 1997]

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