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Accepted name: 3,9-dihydroxypterocarpan 6a-monooxygenase

Reaction: (6aR,11aR)-3,9-dihydroxypterocarpan + NADPH + H+ + O2 = (6aS,11aS)-3,6a,9-trihydroxypterocarpan + NADP+ + H2O

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Other name(s): 3,9-dihydroxypterocarpan 6a-hydroxylase; 3,9-dihydroxypterocarpan 6α-monooxygenase (erroneous)

Systematic name: (6aR,11aR)-3,9-dihydroxypterocarpan,NADPH:oxygen oxidoreductase (6a-hydroxylating)

Comments: Possibly a heme-thiolate protein (P-450). The product of the reaction is the biosynthetic precursor of the phytoalexin glyceollin in soybean.

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1. Hagmann, M.-L., Heller, W. and Grisebach, H. Induction of phytoalexin synthesis in soybean. Stereospecific 3,9-dihydroxypterocarpan 6a-hydroxylase from elicitor-induced soybean cell cultures.Eur. J. Biochem. 142 (1984) 127-131. [PMID: 6540173]

[EC created 1989]

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