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Accepted name: germacrene A alcohol dehydrogenase

Reaction: germacra-1(10),4,11(13)-trien-12-ol + 2 NADP+ + H2O = germacra-1(10),4,11(13)-trien-12-oate + 2 NADPH + 3 H+ (overall reaction)
(1a) germacra-1(10),4,11(13)-trien-12-ol + NADP+ = germacra-1(10),4,11(13)-trien-12-al + NADPH + H+
(1b) germacra-1(10),4,11(13)-trien-12-al + NADP+ + H2O = germacra-1(10),4,11(13)-trien-12-oate + NADPH + 2 H+

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Systematic name: germacra-1(10),4,11(13)-trien-12-ol:NADP+ oxidoreductase

Comments: In Lactuca sativa EC is a mutifunctional enzyme with EC, germacrene A hydroxylase [2].

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1. de Kraker, J.W., Franssen, M.C., Dalm, M.C., de Groot, A. and Bouwmeester, H.J. Biosynthesis of germacrene A carboxylic acid in chicory roots. Demonstration of a cytochrome P450 (+)-germacrene A hydroxylase and NADP+-dependent sesquiterpenoid dehydrogenase(s) involved in sesquiterpene lactone biosynthesis. Plant Physiol. 125 (2001) 1930-1940. [PMID: 11299372]

2. Nguyen, D.T., Gopfert, J.C., Ikezawa, N., Macnevin, G., Kathiresan, M., Conrad, J., Spring, O. and Ro, D.K. Biochemical conservation and evolution of germacrene A oxidase in Asteraceae. J. Biol. Chem. 285 (2010) 16588-16598. [PMID: 20351109]

[EC created 2011]

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