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Postdoctoral Research Assistant

We are seeking a Postdoctoral Research Assistant to work at SBCS in the group of Prof. Alexander Ruban, who will work on the the project 'Quantification of the mechanisms of light tolerance that determine growth and productivity in plants and algae'. The postdoctoral research will focus on development of plant and algal growth and stress techniques in order to achieve selective expression of specific minor photosynthetic antenna complexes important in protection against excess light; isolation of these complexes and their characterisation.

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Bee Laboratory Research Assistant

Applications are sought for a Bee Laboratory Research Assistant to support the ongoing work in bee behavioural science in Lars Chittka’s laboratory at QMUL. The post holder will run and design experiments in bee behavioural biology, assist with data analysis and preparation of figures for scientific publications and support staff with administrative tasks. The prospective research assistant should have specific knowledge and experience of behavioural experiments, ideally with bees or other insects.

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Technician (Internal Only)

We are seeking a Metabarcoding Technician, who will predominantly assist in the provision of technical services to on-going projects in SBCS under the general direction of Dr. Elizabeth Clare. Responsibilities of the role include performing laboratory, bioinformatics and statistical analyses and supervising staff, students and training in procedures. Candidates must have a higher degree in a relevant area, with experience in metabarcoding laboratory procedures and experience in the analysis of forensic materials.

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 We are an equal opportunities establishment. We value diversity and are committed to equality.


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